By Landlords. For Landlords and their Tenants.

Top-Rated Project Managers Sydney

We are an independent, boutique, residential property management agency, operating in most suburbs of Sydney.
We have a high standard of operation and we pride ourselves for our service, and expert, local knowledge.

We are property investors ourselves and understand what good service is.

We cater to the landlords and investors that appreciate the importance of having a trusted property manager, are excellent communicators, know that there is more to just collect rent, and want a property manager to care for their property and their tenants.

We don't have a Sales department. Property Management is ALL we do and we try to be the best we can at it!

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I founded NextGen because I wanted to offer property investors - like myself - what they deserved!

Chris Dimitropoulos, Managing Director and Founder

Why NextGen Property Management?

We are not like other typical real estate agencies in Sydney because we only do property management and we see property management with the eyes of investors and landlords!


Residential property management specialists. Experts in the Tenancy Act.

Trusted Partners. Streamlined Operations.


Designed by landlords that truly understand and have a passion for the industry .

Balanced ratio of properties to property managers to maintain quality of service.


No hidden fees. No terms. No conditions.

If you are not happy with us, you can leave us immediately.

And... we will even help you find another Property Manager.

Testimonials and Reviews


Managing Director - Cate Bakos Property
Consummate professionals! This boutique business knows just what it takes to stand out from the crowd. The business owner is an experienced investor with high expectations of his extended property team. After reflecting on his passion for the industry and his high attention to detail and process, he built NextGen Property Mgmt. Highly commended, very personable - and SERIOUS business.
I love the enthusiasm and passion the NextGen team bring to everything they do. They really believe in the services they’re providing and continually looking at ways to enhance the experience.


Founder - BeyondIT


Managing Director - Bridge to Bricks
Chris and Patty are awesome property managers. They treat the properties that they manage as their own!! Highly recommended!!

Personal Service

Property Managers that Care and are not Overworked

We don’t have overworked property managers in charge of hundreds of properties barely keeping up.

We deliberately keep the ratio of our rent roll to property managers low ensuring our staff have the capacity to provide our customers with the personalised service they deserve.

We recognise that the most important asset of our business and key to our success is our customers.  

Local Industry Expertise

Property Managers with Sydney local knowledge

We specialise on residential properties owned by the serious investors within our chosen geography where we have our own properties.

We pride ourselves at being one of the best operators in the local industry.

Our motto is “do less but do well and that includes the geographies we service. 

We love Technology

Property Management Agency that has embraced technology

We love technology and are always on the lookout for where it is trending.

We invest in and utilise technology to streamline our day to day operations and give our customers visibility and transparency through online portals.

We encourage our staff to work remotely utilising video conferencing, apps and technology to communicate, log and track repairs, complete inspections, pay invoices, manage statements and complete regular rent reviews.

We make it easy to communicate with us.


Established in 2017, NextGen Property Management was founded by Chris Dimitropoulos, a seasoned property investor with a multi-property portfolio spanning across the bustling cities of Sydney and Melbourne. With an unwavering passion for real estate and a deep understanding of the local market, Chris embarked on a mission to revolutionise the property management industry!

Driven by his own experiences as a property owner, Chris recognised a significant gap in the market. He saw that property investors, much like himself, were often underserved and their needs overlooked. Determined to make a change, Chris founded NextGen Property Management with a clear vision: to provide property investors with the exceptional service and attention they truly deserved.

With over 20 years of experience in the industry, Chris has witnessed it all – from the exemplary to the lacklustre, and sometimes even the downright disheartening. His extensive knowledge and keen insights have equipped him to navigate the complexities of property management with unparalleled expertise.

Busy Sydney market scene with vibrant stalls and shoppers, showcasing a lively community managed by NextGen Property Management.

Who we are

At NextGen Property Management, we are local investors, just like our customers. Our deep connection to the community and firsthand property investment experience give us a unique perspective on our clients' needs.

We are dedicated to being easy to work with, always respectful and ethical. Building strong, trust-based relationships with our clients is our priority.

Risk aversion is at the core of our approach. We take proactive measures to minimize risk for our customers, ensuring their investments are safeguarded.

Our primary focus is on residential property, allowing us to offer tailored solutions that meet the specific needs of homeowners, landlords, and tenants.

As a lean and forward-thinking organization, we strive to innovate and bring fresh ideas to an industry in need of new thinking. By embracing modern technologies and methodologies, we improve efficiency and enhance service delivery.

At NextGen Property Management, we blend local expertise, ethical practices, risk management strategies, and an innovative approach to redefine property management standards. Our mission is to help our clients achieve their property investment goals with confidence and ease.

Modern four-storey building in Sydney, showcasing contemporary architecture, managed by NextGen Property Management.

What we do

At NextGen Property Management, we expertly manage all aspects of the rental lifecycle. Our comprehensive services include regular inspections and formal rent reviews every 12 months to ensure competitive rental prices and property upkeep.

We handle tenant sourcing and management, addressing their needs promptly to maintain positive relationships. Our team manages repairs and maintenance with a focus on achieving the best value for money, ensuring high-quality work at cost-effective rates.

We also take care of all financial aspects, including collecting rent and managing outgoings such as water, strata, and council rates, providing our clients with seamless financial management.

In the event of disputes, we represent our clients at the Tribunal, advocating effectively on their behalf to resolve issues. Our expertise ensures that disruptions are minimised, and our clients' interests are protected.

At NextGen Property Management, we are dedicated to minimising disruptions for our customers, delivering a hassle-free property management experience.

Charming period homes in Sydney, highlighting classic architectural features, managed by NextGen Property Management.