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The real estate market in Marrickville, NSW 2204, is a dynamic and evolving landscape, offering unique opportunities for investors and landlords. Marrickville is characterised as a gentrified suburb in the Inner West of Sydney, located 7km south-west of the Sydney CBD. It is noted for its diversity, including a mix of low and medium-density residential, commercial, and light-industrial areas. The suburb’s housing predominantly consists of detached or terraced Victorian houses from the late 19th century and Federation-style homes from the early 20th century. This mix of historical and modern elements, along with its proximity to the CBD, suggests a stable and potentially growing property marketThis article provides a comprehensive analysis of the Marrickville real estate market, aimed at helping you navigate this vibrant area with confidence. Understanding the current trends, average property prices, rental yields, and future predictions is crucial for making informed investment decisions.

Current Market Trends

Marrickville has been experiencing a steady growth in property values over recent years (average of 5.28% per annum over the last decade), thanks to its appealing blend of urban convenience and community charm, even though the recent tough economic condition of late 2023 have had an effect. For long term investors though, Marrickville is by far our favourite suburb when it comes to investing in Inner West as it has always been relatively affordable and history has showed that it’s desirability has remained steady over many decades. Th elong term prospects are outstanding, primarily because the area’s proximity to Sydney’s CBD (a 10 minute bus or train ride to Broadway and Central Station), vibrant cultural scene, and diverse community make it an extremely attractive option for renters, investors and owner occupier buyers alike. Recent trends have shown a surge in demand for residential properties, particularly among young professionals and families looking for a blend of city life and suburban comfort, who have been priced out of nearby suburbs.

Houses in Marrickville have a median price of $1,820,000 with an annual capital growth of -6.67%. There were 199 house sales in the past 12 months, with houses typically spending an average of 30 days on the market.

For units, the median price is currently $747,500 with an annual capital growth of -11.01%. There were 190 unit sales in the past 12 months, and units also spend an average of 30 days on the market​​.

Rental Yields

Marrickville continues to be a lucrative area for rental investments. The average rental yield for residential properties is currently around 2.8% for houses and a very respectable 4.08% for units, with high demand contributing to extremely low vacancy rates. This trend is very likely to continue in the near future as the fundamental issue of limited supply and excess demand for Sydney Properties will continue well into 2025 and 2026. Marrickville, with its close to amenities like public transport, parks, trendy coffee shops and high performing schools will continue to fetch higher rents, making it particularly attractive for investment.

Rental yields for houses in Marrickville are currently at 2.80%, with an average median rent of $870 weekly.

Units offer a higher rental yield of 4.08%, with an average median rent of $550 weekly​

Demand and Supply Dynamics

The demand for properties in Marrickville remains high, driven by its lifestyle appeal and proximity to Sydney’s core. However, supply is somewhat limited, creating a competitive market. This supply-demand imbalance can lead to quicker sales and potentially higher prices, benefiting sellers and landlords.

The suburb profile and property market trends of Marrickville show varied clearance rates and average days on market depending on the number of bedrooms in a house. For instance, 2-bedroom houses have a clearance rate of 89% and spend an average of 29 days on the market, while 4-bedroom houses have a 66% clearance rate and spend an average of 52 days on the market

Future Growth Predictions

Experts predict that Marrickville’s real estate market will continue to grow, albeit at a more moderate pace. Factors such as ongoing infrastructure developments and the area’s growing popularity among diverse demographics support this optimistic outlook. As an investor, staying abreast of these trends and future developments is key to maximising your investment potential. 


Marrickville’s real estate market presents a robust investment opportunity, with strong growth in property values, healthy rental yields, and a positive future outlook. As a landlord or investor, understanding these market dynamics is essential for making strategic decisions and capitalising on the opportunities this vibrant suburb offers.

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