A detailed image of the interior of the New South Wales State Parliament, showing a formal parliamentary chamber with politicians seated.
The landscape of rental agreements in New South Wales is set to change dramatically with the introduction of the Residential Tenancies Amendment Bill 2024 (Prohibiting No Grounds Evictions) Bill 2024. Introduced in November 2023 and having being debated twice so far, Ms Jenny Leong, MP is  proposing legislation that aims to provide security for tenants
A professional Sydney property manager working in a modern office with a view of the Sydney skyline
For a Sydney Tenant, ensuring that their rent is paid ahead of time is crucial for maintaining a positive rental history and avoiding unnecessary stress. Learn why it’s essential to pay rent ahead of time with insights from NextGen Property Management, your trusted Sydney Property Manager.
Expert property manager conducting a property inspection in Sydney
In the dynamic real estate market of Sydney, property managers play a crucial role in bridging the gap between landlords and tenants. But what exactly does a property manager do? This article explores the dynamic role of property managers, highlighting how they add value to your real estate investments and ensure the smooth operation of
A variety of residential buildings in Marrickville, Sydney, including Victorian terraces, modern townhouses, and an apartment block, all featuring 'For Lease' signs, illustrating the current rental market slowdown.
As we navigate through the autumn and winter months of 2024, some intriguing trends are emerging in Sydney’s rental market, prompting both property managers and landlords to ponder if the booming market of the previous months is losing its momentum. Recent observations by our property managers here at NextGen Property Management have raised questions about
Conceptual image of a traditional balance scale in an urban setting, with a model house on one side representing residential stability and a stack of coins on the other symbolising investment, illustrating the debate over rent control.
Introduction Rent control policies have long been a point of contention, lauded for preserving affordable housing and criticised for discouraging investment. As cities grow and housing becomes a premium, the debate intensifies, calling for a careful examination of the impact of these regulations.   The Case for Rent Control Promoting Affordability Rent control is primarily
A Federation-style house in Sydney available for lease, featuring a red brick facade with decorative verandahs, leadlight windows, and a 'For Lease by NextGen Property Management' sign in the front yard.
In the ever-fluctuating landscape of the Sydney rental market, the past few weeks have hinted at a significant shift. After a robust start to the year, we’re observing notable changes that may signal a peak or a momentary plateau. Here’s our analysis based on recent market activities. A Notable Slowdown The fervour observed in January
A modern home office setup with a computer displaying property management software, representing effective property management in Sydney.
Introduction: The Sydney rental market presents a dynamic landscape for landlords. With its robust demand and diverse tenant base, understanding the intricacies of this market can significantly enhance your rental business’s success. This article provides 7 strategic tips and essential practices that can help you maximise your investment in Sydney’s competitive environment. 1. Understanding Your
A young adult using a computer to search for rental properties on realestate.com.au in a modern home office.
Introduction When it comes to finding a new home, tenants often have a consistent and streamlined approach to their search. This is what we have found after years of dealing with tenants. The journey to finding the perfect rental property in Sydney can be intricate, yet predictable in many ways. In this article, we’ll explore