Today I want to share some of my hard learned lessons – and closely kept secrets – which I have no doubt will help landlords fill their vacant property, a lot quicker. I decided to share these tips, because I am a landlord myself, so I understand fully the pressure of an empty property in
Smoke Alarm Compliance
This is a topic that I feel very passionate about…simply because there is a lot of misinformation out there and landlords have no idea how much risk they may be in! Smoke Alarms background For anyone that is not aware, the NSW State Smoke Alarm legislation came into effect on the 1st of May 2006

Termination of Tenants in NSW!

Today’s topic is about clarifying the notice periods, rules and legislation surrounding termination of tenant(s) in NSW. There is often a lot of confusion around this topic, exacerbated by the fact that each State and Territory has its own rules!!! For those that love reading up law, the rules and stipulation of how, when and
Today, I thought I’d write a post regarding a favourite topic of mine: “rentability” or actually “considering the rentability” of a property as part of the investment property assessment process. This is something I feel is often missed by investors, who in the excitement of securing a property, they don’t really think about the long
Know Thy Tenant
How well do you understand your tenants? have you ever thought about their habits when they look for a suitable property? This article is designed to shed some light on these mysterious people who occupy an investor’s biggest asset, and quietly and patiently help you pay the mortgage week in, week out! today, I thought

6 Costly Mistakes Landlords make

No one said property investing was easy. And whilst most people talk about the front end of the process, the part by which one buys the property, the boring part of the journey, the part that involves holding the property for long, long periods of time, when nothing seems to happen, is rarely of interest!
Did you know that the safety window measures for strata schemes has been in effect since early 2018? They were introduced to prevent children from falling from windows. According to the requirement and as reported by the NSW Department of Fair Trading, strata building windows must be fitted with safety devices where the internal floor
[Note: Most of the below information is an extract from the Royal Life Saving – “Be Pool Safe” website which can be found by clicking here) Summer is upon us. Before we know it, we will start getting hit with 30 or 40 degree days and for many, the only option will be a pool! That

Tips for busy property investors

This article, outlines a few simple tasks that a busy property investor can do, to keep on top of their property. They are not time consuming, and if they were to be followed with a degree of diligence and discipline, they will hold you in good stead. What do you suggest for keeping on top