Tips for busy property investors

This article, outlines a few simple tasks that a busy property investor can do, to keep on top of their property. They are not time consuming, and if they were to be followed with a degree of diligence and discipline, they will hold you in good stead. What do you suggest for keeping on top
What tenants look for?
With almost 30 years’ experience in real estate, I’ve come to realise that some property attributes – when present – seem to make rental properties more desirable to tenants which means that they rent faster. Having operated as both a landlord and property manager, bought and managed properties in different cities, and gained experience with
Never a dull moment in Real Estate. This week the industry was on the news again, thanks to the Royal Commission’s recommendation to abolish upfront and trail commissions to the Mortgage Broking Industry – which are currently paid by the banks. This is the not-so-successful UK model and the model introduced in New Zealand In
Forgotten Rent Increases
I see it all the time… rental properties come to us with a current rent of $20, $30, and even $50 or $80 lower than market rate. The reason is a phenomenon I call “Rent Increase Inertia”. What is “Rent Increase Inertia” and what should Landlords and Property Managers do to avoid falling into it? 
I hear this statement all the time. “I am happy with my property manager because they are low maintenance”. That’s great, but ARE THEY DOING THEIR JOB or are you in for a great surprise one day? Sure, you are busy. We all are. As long as the rent keeps coming in to cover the
Slowly but steadily, property management as we know it is changing. Technology has transformed day to day operations, making agencies far more efficient than ever before, allowing property management professionals time on “value add” functions such as better/personal service and renewed care for landlords, tenants and properties under their custodianship. As well as “back office”

Doom and gloom? Who cares? Life goes on!

Ubiquitous technology means that news travel fast and bad news even faster. Human nature forces us to focus on the property market doom and gloom and forget that real life goes on. Well I say no more! Life is busy and seems to be getting busier by the day. And even when it is meant
Tenancy Reforms
For anyone that isn’t aware, the proposed amendments to the NSW Residential Act have now passed both Parliament Houses and, pending the NSW Governor’s Assent, they will soon become law. This process will take a few more months to complete and will involve the drafting of new Residential Tenancy Regulations as clearly, a lot more
Every landlord – especially those brave ones with time on their hands – has thought about it. Some have tried it and failed. A few have been successful. In this article, I will try and paint the picture of what it takes for landlords to be successful in managing your own property. Self managing as a