Rent your property quicker
You just had some bad news. Your property manager informed you that your tenant has submitted their notice and they are vacating in a few weeks. What can you as the landlord do to fast-track the process of finding your next tenant and minimise your vacancy period? With many developments and about 75,000 units due
Real Estate Investors

The property investors I know!

This blog is dedicated to all the hardworking property investors that I either know as customers of NextGen or met over the years. Targeted by the politicians, often blamed by the media, regularly taken advantage of by the banks, and almost always frowned upon by the general public, unlike other types of investors – property
You just had some news you weren’t expecting: Your property manager just called you to let you know that your tenant submitted their notice and you are faced with a vacant property in about 3 weeks! You are OK with it, given that your property has always been rented but you can’t help but feel
bad tenant databases
It may not be widely known, but Property Managers will use “Tenancy Databases” during the tenant selection process to uncover previous issues, before making a recommendation to the landlord. In a nutshell, these Databases are used as a way to ‘blacklist’ tenants that owed money after their tenancy ended or breached their agreement for a
Asbestos is a known carcinogen

The facts and risks about asbestos

The Real Estate Institute of NSW in consultation with BIV Reports published this article recently in an attempt to educate property managers about asbestos in properties under their management. I took the opportunity to also do my own research and found some more information on the Asbestos Removal Contractors Association (ARCA) website. Below I have summarised
Sky is not falling
I have a confession to make: I am a property investor BUT I have stopped reading the media about real estate! They are just depressing and I must admit, all this negative hype, was starting to get into my nerves and – I suspect – it was affecting my judgment. I saw it happening in
The test to confirm what you already know
Let’s face it, you may not hear from the property manager of your rental every day, but you already know in your heart if they are a top performer… or maybe they are just ticking boxes for you. Just to be sure though, I invite you to go through the telltale signs of the top
Landlord Insurance
Insurance companies limit their liability for rent default, if there is no current tenancy agreement! Yes, it’s true: Most insurance companies will limit a rent default claim, if there is no current tenancy agreement in place. I found that out the hard way, and I am still not very happy about it.   Insurance companies
NextGen Property Mgmt warning to our tenants and customers about the dangers of using a gas heater

Gas Heater Warning

The NSW Health and Fair Trading on its latest media release to consumers [1], is warning anyone using a gas heater to warm their homes and workplaces, to be aware of the symptoms of carbon monoxide. This is in response to a recent fatality in Victoria where a person died from carbon monoxide poisoning from