Routine Inspections Explained
The most important, and realistically only, tool a property manager has to ensure the physical well being of a property under their care, are the good old routine inspections. Simply put, routine inspections are on-site assessments that are carried out at regular intervals, to ensure that properties under a managing agent’s care, are looked after
The most fundamental discussion a property manager needs to have with a new tenant is their day-to-day responsibilities under the Tenancy Act. It’s amazing how often property managers neglect to have a simple conversation assuming that tenants somehow are familiar with the intricacies of the legislation and familiar with what is expected of them… Well,
Did you know that from January 2017, all self-managing landlords and property agents must be registered with Rental Bonds Online (RBO)? Did you also know that they must offer the service to new tenants? It’s true and not only that but it must be offered as the first option for lodgement of their residential rental bond.

Changing your Property Manager

Question: When should you consider changing your Property Manager? Answer: As soon as you lose trust in their ability to manage your property and not a minute later. Things rarely improve. Question: Why should you consider changing your Property Manager? Answer: Because you may be better served by another who is simply better at it

How do you swap your property manager

I founded NextGen Property Mgmt in late 2017 because I decided to take ownership of the management of my Sydney portfolio of investment properties. Truth be told, at the time I had been an investor for over 20 years with properties in various parts of South West Sydney but also South and North West Melbourne.
We’ve all done it. You bought a property and trusted it to the agency that sold it to you to manage. They were there, they knew the property already, the salesperson was friendly and trusting and hence the easy decision. And so your relationship with property management begins… except it started on the wrong foot.